A Learning Specialist in Alpharetta, GA, Who Uses Fun Every Day

Education is the key to a rich and full life, one full of experience and appreciation of the world around us. The destination is the same—knowledge—but each of us takes different paths to get there. Lynn Marshall, M.Ed., helps her students learn by making it a fun experience and something to savor. As a learning specialist in Alpharetta, GA, she focuses on the strengths of each child and employs cognitive strategies delivered through fun activities that show the child how to learn.  


Ms. Marshall calls upon her vast experience and skills as a tutor for children with ADHD to customize each program specifically to the needs of the child. These personalized programs work with the student while encouraging and supporting them as they take strides along their learning pathways.


She applies a range of approaches such as using visual and physical props, breaking down material into simple easy-to-understand portions, and focusing on the child’s strengths. Tutoring services such as this allow the students to develop a feeling of ownership for their work while also building academic confidence.

Developing Skills in All Students


As an academic tutor, Ms. Marshall has the skills that allow her to work with students of all ages. She helps with a wide range of scholastic areas, not just classroom work. Her students benefit by being able to work with her to learn about everything, from developing study skills to math concepts to written expression.

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