We Help Children Develop Organizational Skills in Alpharetta, GA

Invest in your child’s future by allowing them to learn the skills they need to succeed. Lynn Marshall, M. Ed. empowers children so that they may become lifelong learners. We help young students develop organizational skills in Alpharetta, GA. By using documented teaching techniques, our tutors allow children to build the skills and strategies necessary for thriving in the classroom. Our individualized tutoring plans help children navigate challenges--especially in academic subjects where they require improvement.


Everyone is unique. Your child deserves to learn and build skills at a pace and setting that is appropriate for them. To that end, we develop specialized learning paths for each child so that they may achieve the strongest outcomes. By building on an individual’s strengths, we help students gain a better understanding of what they are being taught and learn ways to use this information in their studies.

A Wide-Ranging Selection of Tutoring Services

Our tutoring services include assisting children with learning strategies for getting and staying organized. By utilizing organization, memory, and reading comprehension as a basis for learning, students can build on their skills and stay on the path to continual improvement. We cover these skills and strategies in a variety of practice areas, including:

Reading Assistance

Reading comprehension improves dramatically as a student improves in their decoding skills. Many students require further instruction so that they get the most from their reading. Our tutoring services for reading employ a variety of techniques. These methods include SQ3R and teacher-student questioning. Students will gradually gain better understanding and insight from textbooks and literary materials. The goal of teaching reading comprehension is to expose students to the idea that the way a written work is presented--its ideas and themes--can serve as a vehicle for readers to understand themselves and the world around them.


Memory Strategies

Our study tutors teach children how to employ memory “tricks.” Memory strategies empower students to optimize their study time. We teach and practice these skills by using the student’s schoolwork to jumpstart their progress. These memory skills can be utilized on different types of material and provides students with a wide selection of choices to approach work. Building on memory skills allows students to build their confidence--which translates to higher grades and willingness to engage with more challenging content.

Developing Study Habits

Study skills incorporate a variety of habits and strategies for getting the most from learning material and instruction. These skills include organization, time management, and task prioritization. We also help students establish a designated study space at home, as well as construct a conceptual toolkit of techniques that can be applied to different academic subjects. With the assistance of a study tutor, your child will learn skills and strategies that allow them to remain focused—even when outside the classroom.



Write Expressively

For many students, one of the greatest challenges in academia is becoming a good writer. With our tutoring methods, we allow children to discover that writing can be a simple, straightforward, and enjoyable process. Our team presents strategies and skills that make writing easy and accessible. Through our instruction, students will learn about the writing process and may use their lessons as a template for writing through high school, college, and beyond.

Tutoring for Children with ADD/ADHD

There is no cure for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. However, it is possible to help children manage the symptoms and steer them towards the path of academic achievement. Our team includes tutors for children with ADD/ADHD. We work with children to develop strategies that allow them to get the most from their study time. Our tutors present these strategies in a colorful and engaging fashion to get and keep a child’s attention.

Complete and Personalized Assistance

With the assistance of our study tutors, your child will have an easier time working through the challenges they face in their daily school work. We teach students time-tested techniques, including how to improve memorization and breaking problems down into smaller parts to reach simple conclusions.  

By learning these studying and learning techniques at an early age, your child will have the equipment they need to progress into higher levels of education. With the path set up by our study tutor, your child will have the highest chance of achieving their education goals.


Contact us and arrange a consultation for tutoring services. We serve Alpharetta, GA, and the surrounding area.

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