Creative Tutoring in Alpharetta, GA, Brings Life to Learning 

The day-to-day work of learning can be a challenge for some students, and it is those students who benefit most from the academic boost that comes with the support and guidance provided by a tutor. Lynn Marshall, M.Ed., provides creative tutoring in Alpharetta, GA, that allows children to grow and achieve as students while gaining a competitive edge in the classroom.

She ensures that all her students get the help they need to bring their learning skills to the forefront. In short, she helps them learn how to learn. When they learn, they retain and apply the knowledge they’ve gained and make strides in their class work because they have a much better understanding of the material.


The Foundation of Knowledge

Reading is the foundation of knowledge. It is the fount from which education and entertainment flow. Without strong skills in this area, students can experience difficulties in the classroom as they struggle to grasp concepts and information. This is the scenario in which it pays off to have a reading tutor work with your child. Ms. Marshall teaches kids to love reading and embrace it as a path to learning.

Of course, reading is not the only educational aspect of words. She also works as a writing tutor for students to help them learn to present thoughts and ideas clearly and concisely.

Varied Approaches to Learning

This tutor utilizes patience and strategic planning to address the needs of students because no two individuals learn the same way. Ms. Marshall finds what works best for each one and expands her tutoring services based upon that information. This provides a feeling of comfort and familiarity for the child, which inspires them to explore their natural learning style.


She works to discover visual keys to stimulate ongoing discovery for the child and strives to use as many learning techniques as appropriate. This includes adding tactile effects to keep learning interesting and motivating. Ms. Marshall may also use:  


  • Visual Cues

  • Auditory and Mouth or Whisper Words

  • Intuitive Guess Words by Shape and Context Clues


Students of All Abilities

Ms. Marshall is a learning specialist who works with all students, including those who have been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, dyslexia and reading disabilities. If you need a middle school tutor or one for a student at another level, she is ready to help in a range of areas, including:


  • Organization

  • Study Skills

  • Visual 

  • Auditory Processing

  • Math Concepts

  • Written Expression


Contact Lynn Marshall, M.Ed., to learn more about her tutoring and services as a learning specialist. She proudly helps students in Alpharetta, GA, and online.


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About Ms. Marshall

Lynn Marshall, M.Ed. is a learning specialist and owner of Creative Tutoring, LLC, working with children and teenagers who have difficulty with organization, study skills,  visual and or auditory processing, math concepts and written expression. She works with students who have been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, and reading disabilities. She stresses specific learning strategies tailored to the student's individual learning style.



Love to Read

Children learn to read in different ways. Some are more visual and utilize visual cues, while some are more auditory and can be seen "mouthing" words or whispering as they sound words out.  Still others are more intuitive and try to guess a word by its shape and context clues.  Reading is taught in a manner which feels familiar and comfortable to each student by utilizing his / her own natural learning style.  Traditional methods, such as Orton-Gillingham or Wilson, are utilized when appropriate and when recommended for individual students. 


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